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Legal Status: Israeli
Place of Birth:
Axum, Ethiopia
Blood Type:
Second Lebanon War campaign ribbon; Medal of Distinguished Service
Expert in Krav Maga, the official marital art of the Israeli Defense Forces.
Tel Aviv University, B.A.
Biblical Reference:
Isaiah 11:11; Zephaniah 3:10; Amos 9:7
Amharic, English, Hebrew
Base of Operations:
Central Command, Jerusalem
Known Affiliations:
IDF, Duvdevan (special forces unit)


Zyon is a member of an elite Special Forces unit within the IDF. Duodena have carried out hundreds of undercover operations in urban areas. Most of the operations never make it to the official records. Covert operations are highly classified carefully guarded.

Zyon was born in Axum, a small village in Ethiopia. An Ethiopian Jew of the Beta Israel population who could trace their ancestry back to the Menedik I, the alleged son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. This legend is described in the Kebra Negast, recount that King Solomon, his father had given him a copy of the Ark, and had commanded the first-born sons of the elders of his kingdom to travel back to Ethiopia to settle there. However, these Israelites did not want to live away from the presence of the Ark, so they switched the copy with the original and smuggled the Ark out of the country. The Ark is a symbol of the presence of God on earth. It is the most envied religious artifact in the world. Powerful world leaders have sought the Ark in an attempt to harness the power of God and control the world. In the Last Days, just before the end of the world, the Jews will rebuild the Jewish Temple and return to sacrificial worship.